[Season 16 p 1-3 Custom]
[+]; Added customization to the dropped item sockets system.
[+]; Added custom currency (WCoins) possibility to exchange, buy and sell for (WCoins)
[+]; Added custom currency (Ruud) possibility to exchange, buy and sell by (Ruud)
[+]; Reconstruction throughout the structure of all standard and customized bags
[+]; Added information about the location of monsters in all MAPS (By pressing the "TAB" key)
[+]; Added new Eggs collection system. (Now all collected eggs go directly to the regular inventory)
[+]; Reconstruction of the entire structure and all awards of the event
[+]; Reconstruction of the entire soul-hunting system and its respective missions.
[+]; Removed the standard egg collection system.
[+]; Added special and customized eggs for collecting and awarding the deck event.
[+]; Added custom Invasions: 19) [Each invasion has its respective settings, awards and place of birth]
[+]; Reconfigured all standard and customized bags in the package.
[+]; Full file reconstruction: MonsterSpawn
[+]; Reconstruction in the entire Chaos Card system.
[+]; Reconstruction throughout the Ruud system
[+]; Reconstruction in the entire Mixture system (MasteryItemMix)
[+]; Added new invasions for level players (HIGHEND)
[+]; Added customization when creating new characters (Possibility to add certain items per period)
[+]; Reconstruction of the entire (Moss) system Now the entire moss has been completely redesigned.
[+]; Default settings from the standard package rebuilt.
[+]; Added offlevel-offatack system with the lifting of the drop.


[+]; Added a custom game client to interact with our customizations.
[+]; Improved client game performance
[+]; Reduced the size of all images and ozt files
[+]; Reduced the size of all ozj images and files
[+]; Reduced the size of all ozg files and images
[+]; Reduction in the total size of each client game folder
[+]; Full size client size reduction (Client with sound effects to: 1024 MB)
[+]; Total improvement in the game client and its folders
[+]; Added season 16 features 1-3
[+]; Added all game items and files - client season 16 1-3 (latest version)
[+]; Removed all files from previous versions. ( Not used in latest version )
[+]; Checked each new interface in use with main.exe
[+]; Improved FPS autonomy.
[+]; Added 3d camera ( shift + mouse f5 f6 f7)

[PvP - PvM no-rebirth ]
[+]; Class-to-class leveling change
[+]; Changing and leveling skills
[+]; Item leveling and alteration
[+]; Changing and leveling formulas
[+]; Change and leveling of routes
[+]; Alteration and leveling of class x class
[+]; Class x monster changed and leveling
[+]; Changing and Leveling Enhancement Formulas
[+]; Attack and defense leveling and alteration
[+]; Decrease elemental monsters: damage, defence, skills
[+]; Increase +200% PvM damage to monesters globaly.